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Our professionals can extend your eye lashes so naturally and seamlessly. The application is safe, painless and relaxing. The extensions are precision applied to individual eyelashes hair by hair, not leaving any clumping. The long-lasting result will have you feeling beautiful and more confident in your overall appearance.


Bold, length, mascara look
Expected length of treatment: 1 Hour

VOLUME 2D/3D FULL SET ... $200

Fluffy & Voluptuous
Expected length of treatment: 2 Hours


Mixture between classic & volume
Expected length of treatment: 1.5 Hours

FILLS ... $45 – $75

Depending on range of loss and duration of appointment.

2-3 weeks ($55)
3-4 weeks ($65)



Microblading is the art of making realistic hair strokes with pigment to create the illusion of fuller brows. This is a semi-permanent procedure, with results that last about one year depending on your skin type. The benefit of microblading vs permanent makeup is it doesn't go as deep into your skin. This means we have more control over the ink making cleaner, crisper and more natural looking hair strokes for your eyebrows. It also will not fade into an undesirable color that permanent makeup does over time.

Complimentary In-Studio Consultation 

In studio consultation is 45 minutes and will give you an idea of what your ideal shape will look like on your brow, you also have the opportunity to ask questions in person. 



2nd Session ... $150

At your second appointment (8-12 weeks later) we will reapply the color to your original strokes and further perfect the brow shape and color where needed. If dramatic fading has occurred at your first session, the second session will now take much better into the skin. If a third session is needed it can be done 6-8 weeks later to further reinforce the color. 

1st Session ... $400

During the appointment we determine your shape & color, discuss the healing process according to your skin type, and apply your first layer of pigment to the eyebrows. Your brows will appear darker for 7-10 days while they are healing. Lightening and sometimes dramatic fading can occur during this period as the skin is conditioning to receive pigment. 

A 2nd application will be necessary 6-8 weeks later. 


3rd Session ... $150

Additional sessions are not always necessary, however they are most common for those with problematic, oily or dry skin, have little to no natural brow hair present, or did not follow their Pre-Care/After-Care as directed. 


(Prices are for clients after initial sessions have been completed) 
Touch-up time will vary from client to client, depending on skin type, environmental exposure and body chemistry. 

6 month touch-up ... $150 

12 month touch-up ... $250 

18 month touch-up ... $350 

Important: If you are a new client that has pre-existing permanent eyebrows from another artist, please send us a clear photograph of your eyebrows before booking to determine if you are a candidate for microblading. If the pigment is still dark, if it is scarred, or if traditional tattoo inks were originally used, we can not cover them. 

Please note: Prices are subject to change over time. Semi-Permanent Makeup is 2-3 step process.